Dubai Herald

The land of "Sheikhs and Skylines", Dubai, is located in the north-eastern part of United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is the business headquarter of the middle-east region and it spreads over an area of around 4000 square km.

Besides having high economic development based on its oil farms, Dubai has also experienced massive economic growth received from the contribution of its real estate and tourism industry.

Dubai is one of the most gorgeous and developed tourist spots in the world which has seen massive upliftment in the last couple of decades.

Although mainly being a desert city, Dubai has got extremely beautiful locations to visit which might be a lifetime experience for any tourist.

Places like Dubai Marina and The Palm islands proudly showcase the high economic growth in the city of Dubai.

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world as it extends to a massive height of over 868 m.

Dubai is a city that proudly exhibits its wealth and money power through various businesses that are carried out within the city.

From hotels to jewelry shops, Dubai doesn't disappoint its customers as it always showcases the best available products in the world.

The Dubai skyline is one of the most decorated skylines in the world as a simple evening walk down the streets of Dubai will be enough for a tourist to experience the scenic beauty of this place.

Written by Krishnendu Biswas
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